Besides the perks and VIP treatment that we pass on to our clients through our deep relationships with hotels and suppliers all over the world, by hiring us, you are investing in a personal travel advocate. 

Travel is complicated these days—from navigating entry requirements and selecting the appropriate travel insurance to re-booking cancelled flights, we are here to buffer the stress and get you to and from your destination safely. For more reasons why you should hire a travel agent, read this.

Step 1 

What is your process?

Complete our client inquiry form: Here we collect all of the pertinent details to better understand your request and determine if we are a good fit

The Proposal phase: Once we’ve determined that we both want to move forward, I will create a customized proposal that includes a rough itinerary, accommodation options and sometimes activities, logisitics and air, as needed. 

Schedule a Zoom call: For our first meeting, I insist that we ‘see’ each other. After this, I am much more flexible and ok with voice calls, emails and texts, promise!

Step 2

Step 3

Itinerary building (for those clients who select full itinerary services): After the nuts and bolts are confirmed, I will continue to work behind the scenes to ensure that the rest of your trip is planned to perfection—from travel insurance, expediting services, transfers, rental cars, dining reservations, spa treatments, activities and excursions, as desired. 

Review, tweak and confirm: During this process, we will work together collaboratively to select your preferred accommodations and base itinerary before getting everything confirmed.

Step 4

Step 5

Ask us anything: Prior to departure, you will have the option to schedule a call to go over all of the details of your trip.

Step 6

Bon Voyage! Nothing left to do now except relax and enjoy. 

Step 7

Unlike the travel agent of the past, we design truly customized, out of the box travel itineraries & experiences. In addition to the great effort that goes into our design process, we provide pre and post-travel support and for these services, we do charge a consultancy fee. Fees start at $250. 

For those clients who’ve already identified their destination & accommodations and would like to simply take advantage of the JTT VIP treatment & added amenities, we are able to provide complimentary bookings. 

For more information on our fee structure, click here.

Do you charge fees?

Absolutely, if you’d like. We partner with a very skilled & creative air team who excels at piecing together complicated flight requests. If anything goes awry, instead of spending your precious time on hold with your airline, they will assist in rebooking and rerouting as needed. 

Please note that air ticketing fees do apply. Please refer to my fee sheet for additional details, click here.

If you prefer to DIY or have a glut of points you’d like to use, you will need to and are welcome to book your own flights. 

In short, no. There may be a better deal you can find online through booking.com or Expedia, yes. But bookings through us will match or beat the best available rate you’d find when booking directly with a hotel AND unlike bookings made through an OTA (like Expedia), yours will be VIP’d. 

do you handle the air?

do we pay higher hotel rates when we book with you?