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Why Hire a Travel Agent?


There was once a time that even I questioned the use of hiring a travel agent. In the age of Google, why hire and potentially pay someone to help book travel when you have the best sense of what you are personally looking for? Well, I was wrong! It’s 2020- the travel agent of the past who simply booked your bed and air has been replaced with a more savvy breed of travel advisors who provide a wealth of services and are expertly poised to curate and execute your travel dreams. Here are 7 reasons why, now more than ever, it makes total sense to hire a travel agent.

  1. Save time. If travel research & booking is not what you do on a regular basis, you will not be efficient at it. Do you have hours to pour over the various destinations and then once you land on that decision,  sort through the gobs of hotel options available? By the time you start thinking about planning activities you decide to wait until you arrive to speak with the concierge. Hire a travel advisor- your activities will be planned before you step foot in your hotel. And instead of having multiple points of contact- you only have one. This becomes even more valuable the longer & more complex your itinerary.
  2. Perks!! Here’s where we really differentiate ourselves. Booking through a travel advisor will not necessarily provide you with a lower rate, however you will enjoy a variety of value added extras including upgrades, resort credits ($100+), complimentary breakfast, welcome gifts (i.e. cold bottle of champagne waiting for you upon your arrival), etc. And when there is a promotional rate available, we’ll be the first to know and share.
  3. Knowledge & Expertise. We live, sleep, eat and breath travel. Our knowledge is first hand since our clients have traveled to destinations all over the world and in many cases so have we.  Would you rather trust someone you can speak to or wade through hundreds of online reviews posted by perfect strangers?
  4. Advocacy. If things go wrong during your trip -whether en route, at your hotel or during an excursion, we’ve got your back. And if cancellation and/or re-booking is needed, WE’ve got you covered.
  5. Relationships & Leverage. These are our currency! We’ve curated and developed relationships with hoteliers, local suppliers and vendors all over the world. While we can’t possibly know everything that is happening everywhere, we can access this information through these partners. And rest assured, they know you are coming and how important your vacation is to us.
  6. Travel complexity. In our pandemic, and hopefully soon to be post-pandemic world, there is a whole new layer of information regarding testing protocols & facilities, hotel safety standards, closures, etc. that is always in flux. A travel advisor has access to and closely monitors this information in real time.
  7. Buy Local from a human who you trust. If you choose to book with an agent versus online or through your credit card, you are supporting a small business! Throughout the trip planning process, you are developing a relationship based on trust and care and unlike a search engine or third party intermediary, we are here to support you before during and after your trip.

So, have I convinced you of the many benefits to booking with a travel agent?