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GREECE is the Word! Your 2021 Greek Vacation Guide As the weather warms, COVID fatigue is beginning to fade for some, and with no shortage of testing/vaccination options in the US, trips abroad are becoming easier. With that said, if you’re like me and just plain missing Europe, you’ll appreciate the timely news of this feature […]

THREE WAYS TO HAVE A FUN AND FAMILY FRIENDLY TURKS AND CAICOS VACATION My children love to travel and after a long time stuck at home in quarantine, they were thrilled when I announced that we were heading to Turks & Caicos for Spring Break. And while the thought of shimmering turquoise waters, white sand, […]

HOW TO PLAN YOUR 2021 SUMMER VACATION As I sit down to write this in late March, the birds are chirping and the trees are starting to form those red buds which will eventually transform into chartreuse green new spring leaves. This Thursday in Connecticut vaccinations will be available for every adult over the age […]